Serious warning about "Ladisten" orthopedic clinic !!!Managed by Dr Veklich - Ukraine

My personal sad story - bowed legged people must read it carefully !

From childhood I was diagnosed with Tibia-Vara also known as bowed legs or Genu-Varum. People who suffer from bowed  legs  in an angle of more than 8 degree are in probable risk to develop in some point in their life Arthritis of the medial compartment of the knees, this is the primary risk among others. I suffered from bowed legs in angle of more than 12 degree which is considered to be quite large deformity .  for years I suffered from constant pain in my legs that was always made me frustrated and i just waited for the day it could be fixed .I have  always knew that some day I will have to solve this problem by an orthopedic operation which was very  intimidating  in my mind . in the age of 33 I couldnt bear weight on my right knee due to wear and tear of the medial compartment cartlidge .

Doctors whom examined me told me that first step of improving my knee problem is to correct bow shape  of my legs,   This is done by an apparatus called Ilizarov

I was so intimidated and terrified from the classic ilizarov and taylor frame procedure that I tried to find the easy way out and after a search in the internet I discovered Doctor Veklich web site and read about his method ,  After what I read in his websites the dream of having 2 straight legs in minimal invasive operation seemed too good to be true. If I had only known  at that time to what a nightmare I am going to get myself into .  After talking with Pavel Korsun the administrative manager of the clinic I got the impression that I am dealing with "serious" people,  the only problem I was left with is where to get the sum of money they demanded for this operation 23000$ + flights+ visa to Ukraine + accommodation+ cell phone calls   it was more than 27000$ expenses and for a dream of two healthy  legs that I was promised to have after this surgery I made an immense effort and  got all my life savings from the bank and with the help from my family I flew to Ukraine with my wife accompany me leaving one month old baby behind without knowing that I am going to make the biggest mistake of my life !

The bad decision of  doing an operation so risky so far from home in a country that most people do not speak English by the hands of an Irresponsible man that consider himself to be a good doctor was the worst decision I ever made .  I was driven from fear and frustration because of my terrible knee state and not able being active anymore I was on a wheelchair most of the time and I just didn’t think logically. I could have done this surgery by the best doctors in the world in my own country and for free…but instead I was deluded that this  doctor in Ukraine can do it  with less pain and discomfort for me but for my horror everything this doctor done to my legs was excrutiating pains , nerve damage  and over valgus  deformity that  I will need to do additional corrective surgery in the future in order to  live normal life and  to avoid  future additional damages.

This doctor didn’t check me at all I was operated a day after I came to Ukraine, He was so full of confidence that I was sure this doctor is the best there is ...I was so dead wrong !!!  Today I know that Doctor Veklich always in a rush to operate international patients because he doesnt want to take the chance potential patients will change their minds and leave the clinic and by that miss the opportunity to fill his pockets with $$$$$ figures of cash money.

Slow correction of deformity is something that should be done in a very cautious and responsible way …this doctor didn’t took any steps of control or measurement he just attacked the problem without checking my legs in a comprehensive way like it is done by most or all doctors that correct bone deformations. A correction of 10 days was shortened to 7 days…this doctor in 7 day not only "fixed" my 12 degree varus deformity …He over corrected my legs to a valgus alignment of 14  degrees in the left leg and 10 degrees in the right leg . that amount of degrees this doctor fixed in one week is considered a barbaric and dangerous thing to do according to 2 of the leading ilizarov experts in my country .The doctors whom examined me told me that is no wonder why I had such an intensive trauma , pain and horrible  spasms during the correction ….the correction wasn’t slow at all it was actually very fast which is  dangerous and irresponsible thing to do !  After 2 weeks I was in bed and couldnt move due to the incredible pains they stood me up  and took pictures of my legs I wasn’t sure if  He done a good job or not because I was  exausted and in a lot of pain, my judgment was very weak. I asked the doctor if everything is ok and he told me that everything is perfect.  I tried to share with the doctor the bad feelings I had regarding my legs shape especially the left one but he told me that  no additional correction is needed and in this point I tried to believe him that every thing is really ok .

1 day after he finished the correction of my legs He left the clinic for 3 weeks vacation and 5 days later I returned in one hellish  flight to my country. a week after I returned I started walking with a walker and only in this point I felt that something went terribly wrong !  both of my legs were too straight and my left leg had a rotation outward my walking gait was really bad…when I was advised with a doctor in my country what to do he said to me that because almost 2 month have passed there is a chance that there wont be a possibility to wind back the horrible mistake this Ukraine doctor done  with his primitive methods .

But I had to try , so at hospital  they tried moving the bone  but the screws on the apparatus didn’t move the bone was already in consolidation phase. At  this stage I was a wreck…I knew that the future to come is going to be hell for  me : pains and discomfort from this new deformity that Doctor Veklich done to me just made me a zombie …I didn’t sleep or eat I lost weight and muscle mass, my relationships with my wife went bad … I couldn’t go to work or being active  I had no money left and the medical expenses in my country cost me fortune due to the fact I didn’t do the surgery in my own country, my life turned upside down!!!

This doctor in Ukraine put a very primitive frames on my legs , a frame that cannot fix rotation or angulation of a bone ! one of the most elementary basis of fixing deformity is checking if there is a rotation and to fix it ! This doctor left me with over corrected legs to knock knees position, my left leg is overcorrected to valgus position and has external rotation of 20 degree , my left tibia bone became thinner and longer than the right leg  and now  the doctors in my country recommend me to wait at least for an year before I can even consider any corrective surgery . 2nd round of corrective procedure is something that most doctors are not keen to preform especially on an already sick leg. This leaves me in a very frustrating situation.

At current time I suffer from Nasty pains in my legs, hips and spine. Lose of sensetaion in the external side of my tibia due to nerve damage(from drilling a pin too close to my knee joint)  and disastrous collapse of my feet arches , every step I make is accompanied by sharp pains and a lot of discomfort. 

Sleeping at night is hard and Its very difficult to find a position in which I can fall a sleep without waking up , too often I need to take tranquilizer tablets in order to ease my body and mind.

The aftermath from my story is : this doctor turned me from a bowed legged deformity patient to a knock knees deformity (genu-valgus)  He ruined my life by his bad judgment, mal-practice  and irresponsible methods of work.

He was in a hurry to leave for  a vacation and left me with no option to correct some of the problem when it was still possible .  

There is no statistics regarding this doctor success / failure rates and thats why you should be extra carfull before paying him to operate on you because you can find yourself paying dearly for this mistake !

 Looking at Before and After pictures at his web sites can be very decieving due to the fact that you cannot see in naked eye the mistakes that are embedded in his primitive apparatuse and methods of work .

 Dont fool your self !...This doctor loves money but I guess he became tired of fixing complex deformities…most of  the pictures of patients you'll see in his websites are people with a very mild deformities which are not so complicated to fix …my case was more complex and for a complex situation you need an  accurate apparatus! Doctor Veklich prefer the easy way out of doing 100 % correction of one's  legs and the only thing on his mind is the easy way into your money,  after your money is in his hand do not be sure you have the legs that you dreamt of , you can end up like me with worse legs than I started with.  my left leg was my strong leg and now it is deformed , Very  painfull and weak and my right leg is still with a bad knee.

I curse the day I found those web sites on the internet, this doctor is so primitive in compare to western doctors!!! If you think about using his services you should talk to me first because there is a good chance I will save you a lot of money and a lot of anguish . one pays for his mistakes and  I pay for my mistakes every day every hour every minute! from a happy life loving person I became a bitter frustrated sad shadow of myself . this doctor deformed my legs to the point I cannot live a normal life , I cannot look at myself in the mirror,  the man i once loved when I looked in the mirror is now seems like a far a way memory .

To my horror I found later on  that I wasn’t the only one that got major damages from this doctor hands

I adding this  link to another people horrific stories at this clinic in Ukraine :

I tried to talk with the doctor many times after but  he didn’t want to take responsibility (he offered me to come again to Ukraine so he could fix  the damages he made , a very bad joke  because I wouldn’t give this doctor the chance to breath on my legs after the mess he caused me!  I had to take a lawyer that will try to get me some compensation from this doctor for the mal-practice he done !

If you have any doubts about my story u are more than welcome to talk to me  in live messenger /skype or icq  and I will answer any question you have regarding this clinic. I can give you a lot of information about this clinic and the people who work there

If you are an international patient that wants to go to Ukraine do not raise false hopes because the standards of medicine there is inferior in compare to western countries medicine. This doctor wont tell you what he is planning to do to you and also wont share nothing with you , he do not speak English so you'll never know what he is really saying or planning.  Even if you suffer and frustrated from your deformity  don’t forget that falling in the wrong hands like I did can have a disastrous impact on your life and your family life. I learned from my experience in the worst way  to never again be driven  out of fear, the only thing that should guide you in medical decisions is pure cold  logic and good  common sense !

" Ladisten" Clinic Staff  has  a common intrest for international patient money and 25000$+-  is a very very big money in the concept of  Ukraine standards and of course  will try to sweet talk  and  tell you the stories you want to hear in  any means they can …they will not  tell you about the disadvantages of this apparatus nor tell you about the damages that it could do when trying to fix complex  deformations or rotation of the tibia. Ilizarov-Veklich apparatus is no more than a primitive implementation of the successful classic ilizarov , procedure that can be done in almost any western country .  


"LADISTEN CLINIC" websites :




if you care for yourself and your future legs health do not hesitate to contact me

If you have any questions to me about this clinic and the liar not to be trusted doctor who runs it .

My e-mail & skype adress is :

Look carfully at  all my legs photos after they were barbaricaly manipulated by Doctor vekich. he turned me from bowed legged to knocked knees and didnt make a proper alighnment + fixing rotation of the tibia. Doctor veklich by not doing 100% job and being in a hurry manifested new problems that i never had before : Un-simetric / over corrected /over external rotated left leg . the main bottle neck of this new deformity is a disastrous collpapse of the foot ... walking/standing for 5 minutes costantly makes the pain unbarable and obligates me to take pain killers on a regular basis if I want to live a semi normal life !

20 degree external rotation + Over correcting of the left tibia:


Disastrous Collapse of the Left foot :


Left tibia is over corrected and  1 inch longer than the right tibia :


 Ilizarov experts who saw this x-ray were shocked by Doctor Veklich negligence & carelessness

 Bad alignment  and over correction of the left leg can be seen here clearly !


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